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"Bringing Excellence to Every Moment"

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About Us

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Excellent Occasions is comprised of a group of unique and talented individuals committed to fulfilling the expectations of our clients with creativity, dedication and professionalism. We have been orchestrating creative and exciting events for our clients since 1993. We can help you by providing complete event planning and decor services or support your efforts with our expertise.


Our depth gives us the ability to assure you that all of your event staffing needs will be met within our own staffing capabilities, with experienced, qualified, professional individuals.


"Bringing Excellence to Every Moment"



Our Approach

Planning any type of special event involves a great number of details.  Our professional team has the knowledge to be able to anticipate what is required and to accomplish each task in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. While every event requires different planning strategies and timelines, the same general principles apply. Organizing, attend to details, forecasting possible situations that would require alternative plans, creating an informed and efficient environment, and dealing with unexpected issues swiftly as they arise are all components of coordinating any event, from a small dinner party to a week-long festival.

a note on our
Creative Director...
When a fresh idea or innovation hits the wedding & events industry, Charlesa Dixon knows about it. And although she's young and hip, she's already a veteran designer with over a decade of experience. She has her finger on the proverbial pulse of what's new and exciting in the world of "I Do". 
Charlesa's passion for weddings is the contagious, electric, irresistible kind you can feel - even over the phone. She sweeps up her clients in her own excitement, and they know she means it when she say's "I will go to any length to make sure your wedding is perfect for YOU."
For Charlesa's team at Excellent Occasions, perfection lies in the personal. "A wedding is really about those great moments during the day, not the flowers, not the lighting. Our job is to design an event that's totally personalized, and true to whatever vibe the bride and groom envision." Charlesa explains. 'We want to create an environment where people have an amazing time and walk away saying, 'That was awesome. It was so them.'"
To make that happen, "Charlesa brings a sense of style, sophistication and real inventiveness to each client," says one vendor who has worked with Excellent Occasions numerous times. "Her approach is not only fun, it's so creative and interesting." Whether she's topping tables with elegant goldfish bowls (live fish included) for a water-loving couple, or sending guest home with favors of wrapped aspirin and a note instructing "Take two and DON'T call us in the morning!" at the wedding of two doctors. Charlesa always keeps her clients' unique personalities and lifestyles at the core of her designs.
Passion and originality alone is not what makes a good wedding/events designer. This line of work requires a keen ability to stay organized and deal with issues as they arise. "Charlesa is one of those people you can bank on." remarks one vendor. "She is always on top of things with production schedules, vendor contact sheets, and a clear concept of what the client wants. Plus, she handles stress with dignity and assurance and is consistently personable." Another vendor explains: "Charlesa's a great communicator. Clients feel comfortable with her instantly and trust her judgment."
 "She takes care of her clients in a deeply personal way, reassuring brides during every step of the process. Charlesa called me on an almost daily basis during the month before my wedding," says one bride. "She calmed my frazzled nerves, reminded me to get enough sleep, eat well, and take time for myself. I can't explain how much this simple human comfort helped me."
Brides adore Charlesa, but sometimes the most heartfelt comments come from the mother of the bride: "The entire day was perfect... You were always three steps ahead of every detail that needed to be taken care of... You made my daughter calm, cool and collected (which was no small feat)... All three sets of parents sang your praises... In short, you went well beyond the call of duty from morning 'til night." Echoing the words of Charlesa's many delighted clients, she adds: "The wedding celebration would never have been pulled off so flawlessly without you!"

"Bringing Excellence to Every Moment"
Love Notes...
"The honeymoon was fabulous! Bora Bora is breathtaking. I want to thank you again for everything. All of the touches you did for our wedding really made our moment extra special! I was so busy with work and making arrangements for family to attend the wedding, and planning our honeymoon, it was so nice to be able to trust you to handle pretty much all the wedding plans. The time you spent getting to know me and figuring out what it was I (we) wanted. To make my wedding what I pictured was fun! I am so glad I found you. This was truly more than I expected. Thank You!"
-Sara & Michael Hester
"Dreams really do come true... at least for us because we had you!!!  Thank you guys so much the day wouldn't have happened without you! Everyone's still talking about the decorations.  The candles, flower baskets, pillows, well everything you made was wonderful, We can't believe how you didn't even miss the smallest detail.  We were truly blessed to have you help. Your planning, management and decorating made our wedding a huge success. We've been telling everyone about you.  Words alone can not express our gratitude. Thank you so very, very, very much!!!!"
-The Tyson Family  
"She glowed for a week after the evening you put together for us. It turned out to be a wonderful fourth, Thanks!  I would have just gotten a bucket of KFC and took her to see the fireworks.  I just added you to my speed dial, you'll be hearing from me again soon."      
- Bob Schmotter
"Thank you very much for all your amazing efforts in organizing our wedding!  Your attention to detail and efforts to deliver every little request we made of you was greatly appreciated.  Our guest were amazed at the transformation of the gymnasium, we both agreed that the end result was stunning and everything we hoped for."
- Kelly & Tran Xiong
"You guys totally ROCK!  OMG we have fallen in love with you!!!! Thank you so much we couldn't have done it without you! Expect a call for our anniversary."
 -Chad & Rachel Trutna

"She said it was the most romantic evening we've ever shared.  You made me look good, for once I could really say... I'm the man!"
 -Tom White