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Special Effects...
Balloon Drops
Usually done to celebrate a big event...New Year's Eve, Weddings, Graduations, any Big Announcement... a Balloon Drop will excite your audience as well as leave them with the lasting memories of Surprise, Motion and Energy from the falling balloons. The interaction of the audience with the dropping balloons creates a Fun and Playful atmosphere. We recommend drops in rooms with high ceilings to maximize the "fall" of the balloons. The longer the fall of the balloon...the more dramatic the effect.

Balloon Releases
Done outside using helium filled latex balloons that are biodegradable, Balloon Releases are done for many Celebrations of our lifetimes... Weddings, Ceremonies and sometime for Funerals. There is a definite feeling of releasing a thought and peacefully letting it go while watching the balloons float out of sight.

Confetti Cannon
One of the exciting effects that can be used to call attention to a big announcement or important moment is the use of a Confetti Cannon. Multi-Colored, White or a combination of Red, White and Blue large tissue confetti is used for the explosion of color. From a cylinder shaped cannon device, confetti is shot out at 20-30 feet in distance and up to 15 feet in height. The cannon is often hidden and sometimes built into a balloon sculpture.
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